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1 or 2 private walks a day Monday - Friday to take care of your pup while you are at work 

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dog walking, doggy sitting, and community

Start Walking Today!

  1. Your pup will be matched to one Dogman Sachs dog walker after we all meet and agree we like each other!

  2. Walker will pick up your furry child once or twice a day while you are at work for a 30-min walk each time.

  3. We will send you pictures and make sure they potty!

Meet your dog walker before you start

How it works
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How it works

Dogman Sachs hires local college students or recent grads that are happy to become your pup's new best friend.  The students are vetted and trained by us. The walker can pick up your pup while you are not home via a lock box you will set the combination to. We will send you cute pics of your pup and keep you updated!

Always get the same dog walker and sitter

More than walks

it's more than walks

You will be joining a community of local dog parents! 


1) Customizable dog walk plans


2) We will be hosting fun events for doggos (@doggoswhowalk)


3) New friends for your pup!

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Constant communication and pictures!

Dog Walks By Dog Parents

We are Carnegie's Dog Parents. We walk Carnegie daily among Fulton, Seaport, Pier 17 etc. When we started working we had Pace Students walk Carnegie and he loved it!


We thought it would be fun to create a community of local pups, help working  dog parents take care of their furry children, and to  give students a flexible source of income

Regarding the name, yes Carnegies' parents are both bankers and the pups will be climbing the ranks from first year analysts to managing directors. Don't worry, their yearly bonus made up of treats, will make all the hard work of walking with Dogman Sachs worth it...

About Us

Walking Plans:

Dog walking plans include one or more walks a day and you will have complete peace of mind knowing your pup is being taken care of while you are at work. On top of that you will be getting flexibility and will be joining a super fun community of local dog parents!


Dog Walking


*Most popular

Includes a 30-minute walk plus access to our local events!

dog sitting


We will send you lots of pictures! You will always get the same dog sitter in the future


Let's chat!

We know that different dog parents have different needs. Reach out and we can customize a plan!

Contact Me

We can usually schedule a meet in greet in the same week!

✔️ Expect constant communication and pictures during the walk

✔️Always get the same dog walker and dog sitter 

✔️ Participate in the Dogman Sachs Community!

We host fun local meet-ups and help our doggies match for play dates

Conact us
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